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One of the Many Reasons Why Our Clients Rock

Monday, February 14th, 2011

About a month ago we got an email from one of our clients (thanks Peter, you’re awesome) about some drama that’s been going on in the musicians’ sections of Montreal’s Craigslist.

You see, for a while we advertised ourselves as “Downtown’s only screen printer”. This claim isn’t far from the truth – the few other screen printers located in the downtown area don’t actively advertise – we do. Apparently, someone had a problem with this claim and took the time to voice his/her grievances as a reply to our post.

Of course, had our client not told us about this, we probably wouldn’t have noticed it ourselves. These days we’re busy in our print shop and design studio, and we didn’t really expect to anger anyone with our periodic ads.

Now, sadly Craigslist has removed the original post stating the grievances against us, so we can’t be sure of the extent the author’s complaints. What we can be sure of (and are sharing with you all) is that a number of people came to our defense. Below are the screenshots of the reply posts that came from our clients. You can click on the images to view them larger:

And this is why our clients rock! Your comments have warmed our little hearts and we are grateful that you took the time to stick up for us, and even endorse us.

We have since altered our marketing strategy to avoid any future altercations. But we won’t forget that in a time of need our clients proved to be loyal, up-standing individuals with hearts of gold. Thank you all!